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  1 – Before coming to Dakar she had raised an attractive amount of money but due to routine consultations and prescriptions she remains penniless at this point.  Before any  surgery could be performed by her doctor at Hopital Le Dentec Dakar Senegal, she is supposed to undergo tests, get her results thus avoid risks and complications during the process. 2 – Knowing how expensive Dakar is the woman is almost homeless as she lives at a place she rented but her funds have been depleted due to the reasons mentioned earlier. Not only the latter, her expenditures include feeding and transportation too. 3 – The poor woman at the end became so desperate that she called me  around  3am during the early hours last night, asking for assistance from each and every one of us who can find in his or her heart to help for the sake of God and  humanitarian reasons. 4 – Any person, group or institution intending to step in and assist this woman whose condition calls for immediate intervention, can contact the  following individual: 4 – GIBBY JALLOW, New York, Telephone Number: 347-344-3052.  Mr Jallow will equally guide anyone who wants to send in money via pay pal on what to do. Please brothers and sisters help safe another life if not the woman will return to The Gambia and most likely face worse health conditions that could be life threatening. Shared By Essa Bokarr Sey.


Gambia Sick President Collapsed Dead Economy, Melting Finances

  By Sarjo Bayang Going by marital vows of loyal spouses you keep going until you can no longer go on. Gambia as a nation is not marital partner of presidents, their deputies, or chief clerks. Constitution of Gambia provides clear guidelines about what needs doing in the event a sitting president is corrupt, sick (mental and physical) or falls dead.“In sickness, in plenty or poverty, in joy and times pain, until death doth us part” Gambia as a nation is certainly not married to any president. Is the Gambia National Assembly not violating constitutional provisions as the nation’s president though still alive but known to be seriously corrupt, very sick, and in routine misconduct by gross abuse of public office?  To avoid speculations and denial, see what the constitution says and whether or not you think the national assembly is preserving what the book of rules contains in letter and spirit. Gambian Constitution at a Glance: Section 66: Removal of President on grounds of Mental or physical Incapacity.                                                                                                                                            Subsection (1): Where the Speaker receives a notice in writing signed by not less than one half of all the members of the National assembly alleging that the President is, by reason of infirmly of mind or body, incapable of discharging the functions of his or her office, and giving particulars of the alleged incapacity, the Speaker shall request the Chief Justice to constitute, on the recommendation of the head of the medical services of The Gambia, a Medical Board comprising at least five independent medical practitioners of appropriate standing. Subsection (2): The Board shall enquire into the matter and make a report to the Chief Justice stating the opinion of the Board whether or not the President is, by reason of infirmity of mind or body incapable of discharging the functions of the office of President. The President, and if he or she so wishes, his or her one medical adviser may appear, and shall have the right to be heard, before the board. Subsection (3):  Where the Board reports that the President is incapable of discharging the functions of his or her office by reason of infirmity of mind or body, the Chief Justice shall submit the report to the Speaker, who shall, if the National Assembly is not sitting, summon the National assembly to meet within seven days. Subsection (4) The members of the National Assembly shall deliberate on the report and vote on it and the President shall only be removed where two thirds of the members present and voting, vote for his removal. Subsection (5) The report of the Board shall be Final and conclusive and shall not be enquired into by any court.     Section 67: Misconduct Subsection (1)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                The President may be removed from office in accordance with this section on any of the following grounds: (a) abuse of office, wilful violation of the oath of allegiance or the President’s oath of office, or wilful violation of any provision of this Consultation, or (b) Misconduct in that- (i) He or she has conducted himself in a manner which brings or is likely to bring the office of President into contempt or disrepute; or (ii) He or she has dishonestly done any act which is prejudicial or inimical to the economy of The Gambia or dishonestly omitted to act with similar consequences. (4) The President shall not- (a) While he or she continues in office as President, hold any other office of profit or emolument whether public or private, occupy any other position carrying the right to remuneration for the rendering of services, or directly or indirectly carry on any trade, business or other undertaking; Provided that the President may undertake and carry on any agricultural business including farming, horticulture, livestock rearing and artisanal fishing, he she shall not; (b) Undertake any activity inconsistent with his or her official position or expose himself or herself to any situation which carries with it the risk of a conflict developing between his or her official concerns and his or her private interests; (c) Use his or her position as such or use information entrusted received by him or her in an official position directly or indirectly to enrich himself or herself or any other person. Section 65: Vacancy When a President is sick or Dead (1) The office of President shall become vacant during the term Office of president of a Presidency: (a) On the death or resignation of President or (b) On the President ceasing to hold office under section 63, 66  or section 67.   Regulating the Regulator Serious case of violation is clearly seen from above provisions of Gambian Constitution on part of the President and by equal scale of culpability wilful inaction of the National Assembly. Everyone in Gambia and beyond following developments knows full enough that the current president is sick, excessively corrupt, and routinely in abuse of public office for his personal economic interest.  The constitution provides for removal of a sitting president on grounds that the current occupier undoubtedly qualifies. Considering that the Gambia National Assembly is not acting in accordance with constitutional provisions, they will be seen stooping lowest in betrayal of people that voted them as representatives. There is serious constitutional crisis in a situation like this where everyone is awareness of what needs doing but nobody takes responsibility. By failing to be just and safe guardians of the nation’s big book of rules under their trusted custody, Gambia National Assembly is due for unseating through collective negligence of duty. The public has all rights to sanction their national assembly representatives. Moment of right action now arises when the regulator has to be regulated upon proper scrutiny. If this situation slips through without public demand for accountability in bringing national assembly members to book, it may render constitutional crisis leading to ungovernable state of affairs. Sick President cannot recover a sinking economy and melting finances Without needing efforts explaining to anyone, it is clear by all indicators that Gambia economy is dead with melting financial temperatures at the peak. During his active life the current president has been so busy building his personal fortune from abuse of public resources. He was not anticipating sickness, whereby his personal health recovery becomes higher priority now than recovery of the national economy and financial order. It is already too late for any quick fix. What is making matters more serious and worse is failure by the National Assembly to take responsibility in discharging a sick president from public duties. Everyone fears that talking about unseating the president will bring them trouble in the event of his recovery to take revenge on those calling for his unseating. Not taking the right action at most appropriate time will bear heavily on everyone and those National Assembly members will not escape hardship born of their gross negligence. “A stitch in time saves nine”, but will Gambia National Assembly Members act swift enough to rescue this sinking nation from the iron fist grabbing hands of a sick president who refuses to let go?



  By Mustapha Jallow Sheikh Omar Colley, the Imam of a mosque in Jabang-Borehole Village, in the Kombo South District of West Coast Region, is still in detention at the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) headquarters in Banjul for 38 days without any access to family members, according to a close family source. This is in violation of section 19 of the Constitution of the Second Republic which states that “Any person who is arrested or detained… who is not released, shall be brought without undue delay before a court of law and, in any event, within 72 hours.” The source revealed that they are not yet told or aware of the reason why he is held and that they have made several attempts to have access to him but without success. He said the young family is presently undergoing trauma and hardship as the detained Imam is the sole breadwinner. It was reported that Imam Colley on Thursday, 15 October, 2015 received a phone call from someone who claimed to be calling from Bansang Police station asking him to report immediately to the Old Yundum Police Station. Upon arrival at the said station, he was detained overnight and in the morning transferred to the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) headquarters in Banjul, on Friday 16 October. Family members have expressed concern over his state of health as he is said to behypertensive. They also revealed that they have made several attempts to take food, soap, toothpaste and some clothes to him, as he has not changed his clothes since his arrest and subsequent detention on Thursday, 15 October, but were denied access him since. Imam Colley is also the head or ‘chef de garage’ of the Brikama-Basse car park in Banjul.



  It was hoped that the training of young lawyers and their mobilisation to serve as magistrates would make it possible to temper the administration of justice with high grade professionalism. This however would be impossible if magistrates are not fully remunerated and if they are subjected to any direction and control by any authority other than the Constitution, the statutes and judicial precedence. Our reporters have noted the attitude of certain young magistrates after it was known that a certain magistrate was under arrest without clear information whether it was due to an order given during the course of a trial or for a matter outside of his professional duties. The suspense still remains. It is absolutely essential for the authorities to note that if any magistrate or judge is prosecuted or persecuted for an order made in court, staff motivation in the judiciary would sink to a low level and the proper administration of justice would be the casualty. Source : foroyaa


Bakau agog as President arrives Thursday

Community leaders in Bakau on Saturday mobilised people from its various ‘kabilolu’ (wards) to the women’s horticultural garden in the Mile 7 area of the town where a massive cleaning exercise was conducted ahead of the President’s visit. President Yahya Jammeh is expected to arrive the coastal town on Thursday to visit places and as well hold a meeting with the people as his nationwide dialogue with the people tour enters its final stages. Speaking to The Standard, Ousman Rambo Jatta, a youth leader and organiser of the exercise said that the President is expected to visit the garden when he arrives Bakau on Thursday. He said: “We realised that the place is not in the best of shapes to host the President and his entourage. We decided to meet with the elders of Bakau and together, we decided to organise a cleaning exercise in preparation for the President’s visit.” Advising the people of the town to close ranks and work in the best interest of the town, he said: “We must learn to forget about our individual differences and collectively work in the best interest of the nation. If we fail to unite, we can never achieve what we want to achieve.” Jatta also said women empowerment is one of his top priorities and that he has been working with women in the town for nine years when as a counsellor of the town. Others who spoke at the exercise include assistant Yai Kompin, Aja Nyimanding Wallis and Aja Fatou Touray, a member of the Bakau community women garden. SOURCE : STANDARD


Injuries Sustained In Kartong Melee

  An all-out melee involving defiant youths of Kartong and officers of the Police Intervention Unit (PIU) has led to injuries, Kairo News confirms. “It was an all-out physical fight at the mining site in the Kombo South town of Kartong,” our reporter investigating the story confirms. “Many people from both sides sustain injury in a fist fight that began last night.” The fight became so tough that the PIU officers on the ground called for more reinforcements to contain the already tense situation. It was a matter of do or die affair for the youths who see their town being messed up by sand mining. They stood their ground throughout the melee. Dozens of the youths have been arrested and escorted to Brikama Police Station. Hundreds of concerned family members have since followed them to show their support and solidarity. “One of the youths arrested is my brother-in-law which is why I am going to Brikama Police,” one man told Kairo News. Tension is still high in the coastal city culminating in a meeting at the alkalo’s residence. The said meeting is aimed at simmering pockets of resistance. But the people of Kartong see no room to compromise with a man-made catastrophe that leaves you empty handed. “The government collaborate with the Chinese to destroy our environment by digging pits that have become breeding places for snakes, crocodiles and mosquitoes. And to top it all, the town is not getting anything in return,” one Kartong native told Kairo News. “Our fight is worth pursuing,” he added. Kairo News will follow the story and keep its readers informed about any unfolding development. Ends Source : KairoNews

Isatou Njie-Saidy VEMP


Banjul Focus Admin. We have been tipped off by one of our agents, that Isatou Njie Saidy sneaked into the USA for obvious reasons, remember she is the crooked crook helping maintain an armed bandit within our midst. Isatou the sneaky cheat and associate of a killer vampire was seen on board a flight from Banjul, destination USA . She arrived last night per close sources within her own circle at State House Banjul The Gambia.  .  According to the same source she even spoke to someone on that very flight thus told the person she was on her way to Texas. True or false people are aware of the presence of Omar Khan’s children in that area particularly Austin and Houston. Of course those who know the culture of these loud bells within a circle of bluffs and bad mouthing their own kin will not be surprised to see them harbor an ill hearted silent killer like Isatou Njie Saidy. Meanwhile Gambians are being reminded of the presence of men like Yahya Jammeh’s Ambassador at large FALSE DOCTOR JACKSON.  A foolish head of state will ever remain in the company of crooks who know very well how to milk a society that is headed by a buffoon.  Ambassador at large? Really? An Ambassador at large who rotates between Brikama and Banjul every day? What THE!!!! A crook Whose own residence at Brikama serves as a dungeon where our young girls are welcomed and defiled on  a daily basis? Well that is Yahya’s Ambassador at large. Sure he is at large because some people in Liberia and here in the USA are pursuing him. We have gathered more on such charlatans therefore will be releasing their activities on a case by case basis. All we want Gambians to know for now is that Yahya’s Ambassador at large went to California, begged for buses from a charitable organization under OUR PEOPLE’S NAME! Worst of all these buses were no longer road worthy. He coated his falsehood and prevarication with excuses like “helping a poor nation”?  He repainted those wretched machines and then shipped them to Gambia of course shipment was paid for by Gambian tax payers. As soon as those buses were received they started dropping their rusty pieces one by one further polluting our society.  This very charlatan was in Liberia before but they sent him out like a common criminal. Such characters are part of the circle that coordinates  things for an armed bandit calling himself a president! We will be back on this stay tuned and hold your breath as worse details have already been compiled. WHAT A SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! END.


GYU calls for calm and the release of Kartong’s youth

  Gambia Youth for Unity is deeply concerned and condemns the arrest of over forty youths from Kartong, West Coast Region including women and children. “We condemn unethical mining taking place in Kartong and we call on the Gambian authorities to halt mining operations and release the detained youths whose action shows that they were merely protecting their lands from illegal mining,” said Omar Bah, GYU Chair.   On November 20th, a Gambian local newspaper Foroyaa issued a story headlined “Kartong Community questions the benefit of heavy metal mining”. The aggrieved youths from Kartong visited Foroyaa to lodge a complaint, questioning the benefit of mineral mining in their community. According to one of the complainant, it’s alleged that the mining activities have resulted to the death of a 12 year old boy. “A 12 year boy in grade 6, drowned in one of the pits on the day after the Muslim feast of ‘Tobaski’.” Mineral mining has not only resulted in loss of life but is also threatening agricultural production and the pits have cultivated an infestation of mosquitoes in the community.   According to media reports, the youths of Kartong have been protesting against mineral mining for the past three weeks. On November 22nd, reports indicated that a large gathering of villagers came out to protest against mineral miners. Kartong is located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and is famous for its tourism, fishing and rich ecosystems. Mineral mining has threatened the livelihood of the villagers and their community by increasing the rate of soil erosion and sea encroachment. Several metric tons are mined from the village each week over the past six to seven years.   The events of November 22nd resulted in a standoff between youths of Kartong and security forces. This ultimately saw scores of youths arrested for exercising their fundamental rights. GYU therefore calls for calm and specifically to Gambian security forces to release all youths arrested for merely exercising their constitutional right, by protesting against mineral mining. As a youth movement we feel compelled to stand up and condemn the unconstitutional arrest of such environmentally responsible youths who should not be subject to illegal arrest and abuse from security forces sworn to protect them.



  UNIVERSITY OF THE GAMBIA BITING IT’S TONGUE IN DESPAIR FORMER ADMIN UNDER YAHYA JAMMEH AND HIS FORMER VICE CHANCELLOR DESTROYED EVERYTHING WITHIN THE FOUR WALLS OF  THAT PLACE AND HANDED IT OVER TO THE GULLIBLE. PARTNERS IN CANADA NOVA SCOTIA HAVE ALREADY  LEFT OUT OF FRUSTRATION. THEY WERE THERE  SINCE  THE LATE EIGHTIES. WHAT A SHAME FOR UTG!!! NOVA SCOTIA WAS PART OF THOSE WHO UPGRADED  GAMBIA COLLEGE. REMEMBER HDA,HTC AND THE HEALTH DIPLOMAS USED TO BE PURSUED IN MILTON MARGAI FREETOWN SIERRALEONE,NIGERIA IBADAN AND KENYA. THE FORMER REGIME MADE SURE THE ABOVE  WERE LATER ON DONE IN THE GAMVIA WAY BEFRORE 1994. YAHYA JAMMEH CANNOT ERASE HISTORY WITH ENVY AND WISHFUL THINKING.  EACH AND EVERY CITIZEN HAS PLAYED A ROLE TOWARDS DEVELOPING THE GAMBIA FROM 1965 TO NOW.THOSE CITIZENS WILL CATEGORICALLY REMIND HIM THAT PART OF CONTEMPORARY GAMBIAN HISTORY WITH FACTS NOT EMITIONS!! Banjul Focus Admin. Why are we pursuing the story of the UTG? We are because it is one of the propaganda tools of the incumbent. Yahya Jammeh and his croaking toads keep using UTG as a propaganda tool where facts have started revealing the contrary of what was being pedaled all these years. Ranging from Dr Gumbo Touray’s court proceedings to now one can comfortably say that Yahya JAMMEH is far from being a head of state. He is nothing other than an ARMED BANDIT running a cartel where sacred cows are left to graze and the scape goats are butchered to feed wolves. When one revisits the trial of Dr Gumbo Touray it becomes more and more obvious that so much is left to be desired in that regard. Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere. WHY WAS  Dr Touray “forced” by compelling circumstances  to leave his country, a country he loves so much and has done a lot for as a patriot,  in such  an unceremonious way? On the other hand the former Vice Chancellor was left to fly out and resettle else where when he was the principal actor in that movie or mess and mismanagment? Of course that is what  Dr Touray was challenging? Answer is simple. MUHAMMED KAH is part of those who criticized the system yesterday and then saw an opportunity to beef up a resume likewise make  easy money where an armed bandit needs support to milk society. There are those attributing  his legacy to somethings they really do not understand or are deliberately lying to the public to mezmerize the gullible further more. We will definitely teach those people a lesson they will ever live to remember Some of these KABUDU PALS who are fabricating such stories, we want you to know that those of us who were here and know how that university came into existence when Kah was insulting Yahya JAMMEH in the USA will never ever allow your fairy tales to fly forth or yonder! He was of course part of the so called association of “sickening paper magnets” some of us like calling our “PHD holders” How many PHDS are in Senegal? So many my friends. Have they been making the noise we hear in Gambia? NO! How about are in Ghana and Nigeria? Plenty of them. Have they been feeding on booty stolen by despots like the sickening ones  in The Gambia? Some of them yes some of them no. But are we here to copy the bad or good from other societies? How about try the good and abandon the unwanted side of old, bad habits? Professor Wole Soyinka’s legacy is here to expose the shameless and shameful acts from such so called academics. REST IN PEACE WOLE! Here we come to debunk the lies and deception of these charlatans some us call academics inside and outside The Gambia ! UTG lost one of its oldest and most important pillars in Canada. Which is also called St Mary’s university in Nova Scotia. Yahya JAMMEH and his herd of sacred  cows are the worst liars you can ever see. St Mary’s in Canada was at Brikama since the late eighties folks!  They made it possible for Gambia college school of education to introduce the HTC program, the HDA and also Health dilploma. Formerly all those programs were pursued abroad in places like MILTON MARGAI Freetown Sierraleone, Ibadan Nigeria and Kenya. That was negotiated by the former regime not the current one. That is where the idea of the UEP university extension came from way before 1994 and then later  turned into UTG. Yahya JAMMEH inherited projects of road networks, UTG and the airport but he rushed and erected sand dunes calling those institutuons! He is a pathological  liar being supported by shameless story tellers Yahya has to be reminded that he will never ever be able to  change the past neither can he paint the present with wishes as facts are here to scrape his paint thus show us the  appearance of the true image.His hard heard has been pushing him to  fight so hard against anything good that is attributed to others! Yahya”s  paint is that of wishes and propaganda. We will be back on this as and and when more cracks are received. After that each one of his projects will be tabled and analyzed with facts. He did nothing compared ro what a serious head of state is expected to accomplish within 21 years, he is a chief thief whose engine is THUNDERING BLUNDERS!!! VOILA LA REALITE! VIVE UNE GAMBIE LIBRE! PATRIA OU MUERTE!!! END.


You Are Opportunists, Not Patriots

By Ebou Gaye You are opportunists, not patriots You need a great deal of edification and enlightenment, As you have lost your bearings and swerved to the wrong path You have taken the tyrant as your lord in lieu of God the Almighty, In your attempts to ingratiate yourself with him or gain his favour, And expect everybody to prostrate and bow down for him in total submission as you do You project the despot and yourselves as the only patriotic citizens of your country, And brand others unpatriotic citizens who want to destroy the country Your behaviour epitomizes opportunism, not patriotism It is utterly wrong and absurd for you to judge others by yourselves, As not everybody can be tempted by material resources or what you see as goodies to compromise his or her integrity and principles, Pledge unalloyed allegiance to the dictator as you have done, And dance to his tune as he wants everybody to do You are opportunists, not patriots You habitually eulogize the autocrat and scathingly criticize his rivals and perceived enemies, Blindly defending him by justifying, denying or covering up his blunders and misdeeds, Shifting the blame to the innocent, With the aim of exonerating or absolving him from culpability, As if he is infallible, impeccable and indispensable I put it to you that you are wasting your energy, As your goal is unrealistic and unachievable You cannot silence or neutralize all his critics and opponents, For most of them are determined in their acts as you are No amount of praise-singing, denial, counter-criticism and cover-up can exculpate the tyrant, As his record is there to speak for itself, And will remain there for posterity to judge   You are opportunists, not patriots You brutally torture, mutilate, maim and kill people for the sadist, As a way of intimidating, gagging or eliminating his opponents and perceived enemies, Turning deaf ears to the uproarious cries of human rights activists You mercilessly frame, incriminate, convict and incarcerate decent citizens viewed as a threat to the interest of the tyrant, Blatantly contravening the laws of the land and the golden rule “Do to others what you would like them to do to you”, Thereby turning yourselves to public enemies and outcasts in the process, And later dumped or eliminated by the despot when he feels the urge to get rid of you or realizes that you have outlived your usefulness to him, As he does whimsically and capriciously with those who do nasty jobs or run dirty errands for him   You are opportunists, not patriots You cite human rights violations and crimes perpetuated by people elsewhere, And highlight the so-called achievements of the despot in terms of development, When the tyrants is denounced for violating the rights of his own compatriots and committing atrocious crimes against them, As though that gives him the licence to brutalize and butcher his people, After taking an oath to protect them and serve their interest I remind you of the sayings “Two wrongs cannot make a right” and “Injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere”, And the fact that development is meaningless where human lives are not valued, As the latter is more important than the former It is also worthy to note that the money invested to bring development is from donors and state coffers, not from the pocket of the dictator as you want to fool people into believing You are opportunists, not patriots You wittingly aid and abet the dictator to monopolize, personalize, plunder and squander state properties and resources,  Through his self-enrichment and self-aggrandizement schemes, Thereby pauperizing his compatriots, Transforming his country into a heavily-indebted, insolvent, begging nation, Begging in the name of his impoverished, impecunious compatriots, Only to misappropriate or embezzle huge chunks of the funds received from donors on their behalf You are opportunists, not patriots You willingly and eagerly rubber stamp bills in favour of the despot, Arming him with sweeping powers, Denying citizens their God-given rights, Giving him undue advantage over all citizens, And hence transform him into a demigod, Ignoring the interest of the electorate you claim to represent at the National Assembly, As if you owe him more obligation than you owe the electorate This is the climax of insincerity, unfairness and unscrupulousness You are opportunists, not patriots Is the dictator the only one who can or should lead? Is he superior to you and all your compatriots? Is he the only one who deserves good in your country? Does his personal interest supersede national interest? Are you oblivious to the fact that you are strengthening the hands of the devil? Are you not cognizant of the fact that you are placing your lives and the lives of your compatriots in jeopardy? Do you think you can live comfortably and happily on earth with your monstrous, barbaric, beastly, odious and obnoxious acts? How many people of your ilk have been disgraced or liquidated by tyrants, or brought to book through the efforts of democracy and human rights advocates? Are you senseless, thoughtless, brainless, heartless or shameless? You better wake up from your deep slumber and kick out your filthy habit before it is too late!