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By Saikou Suwareh Jabai Dealers in the buying and selling of meat at the Abuko abattoir have decried the unfavourable condition surrounding their A meat stallbusiness. They said the business is not profitable as they are challenged with a lot of levies and yet their meat prices are controlled. This reporter visited the Abuko abattoir on Wednesday and at that time only few meat stalls were opened for business. One Ebrima Barry, a stall owner who buys sheep and goats and resell them in pieces said a kilo of sheep and goat meat costs D250 while half kilo costs D125. He said the business is very discouraging as they hardly get profit from their sales. He said they buy sheep and goats at expensive prices and pay some taxes too. He said for each goat or sheep that they buy, they pay D100 as abattoir duty, D5 for medical inspection, D50 for skinning the animal and D20 daily for tax duties. He said after all these expenditures, they find it difficult to earn a living through their jobs. “Honestly, we do not make money from this business. Just that as responsible men, we cannot sit at home so that is why no matter how hard it is we still manage with the little we have. Look at the stalls, you can see that only few of us are operating,” said the disheartened butcher. Another butcher who deals in beef said they sell a kilo at D200, which is a little cheaper than sheep and goat meat. He expressed similar sentiments as Ebrima and noted that if the authorities cannot reduce some expenses then they should allow them to increase the priceof the meat. “How can we be buying the cows at a huge price and pay these taxes and you still want to tell me how much I should sell my meat?” he asked. The young man said sometimes their businesses do crash and result to borrowing money from friends to start again. They call on the government to regulate and restore their businesses by reducing the levies or allowing them to increase the price of meat. This reporter will consult the authorities to get their viewpoint and continue to monitor the trend and prices of livestock as the Tobaski feast draws closer.

UDP Solo Kuruma Laid to Rest

 By Kebba Jeffang 

The coffin of the late Ebrima Solo Kuruma, a UDP supporter who died in state custody recently has been finally released for UDP Solo Kurumabefitting burial held at hishome village in Sandu Darsilami on Friday, 27th August, 2016. His burial according to family sources was well attended by sympathisers across the country including members of the United Democratic Party led by Aji Yam Secka, the deputy party leader and assistant secretary general. Speaking to Foroyaa Lamin Cham, UDP youth coordinator of the Kanifing Municipality who also coordinated the burial process on behalf of the party said they were able to get the body from Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital on Thursday, 26th August and departed for Sandu Darsilami where the burial took place after 5pm prayer. It was delivered to them in a coffin by Mile Two prison doctors. He said doctors at EFSTH have carried out the postmortem in the presence of the deceased’s cousin and nephew representing the family but they could not give them any set date on which the result will be ready. He also informed that both the family and party executive have not received the deathcertificate of Kuruma as they were told that the certificate will be given along with the postmortem result. He said they will however make a follow up. According to Cham, the late Kuruma is survived by 4 wives, a number of children and his father. Source : Foroyaa  

Gambia: The Soldier’s Weekend Bombshell: Resignations AT The APRC; As Jammeh Begs VP Isatou Njie Saidy And Fabakary Tombong Jatta To Stay!

Pa, This is The Soldier again. Permission to write SIR. Fellow Gambians, once again there is tension at state house and also people close to dictator Jammeh are mysteriously dying. Of late lieutenant Buba Jammeh, who was General Saul Badjie’s right hand passed away after a short illness. Soldiers are dying under mysterious circumstances. Buba Jammeh was an Intel officer, who was very close to Saul Badjie and he was also dating a girl dictator Jammeh once eyed and wanted. This girl is in America and dictator Jammeh will kill you in an eye blink if he knows that you are talking to any of his numerous ghost mistresses. Buba was also loyal to Saul Badjie and dictator Jammeh is slowly and surely cleansing all the people close to Saul Badjie. Dictator Jammeh wants to pounce on Saul Badjie, but first needs to get rid of Saul’s key people. According to our DCC agent, who was present at the burial Saul Badjie, was present and was very angry. The DCC agent who was on the ground at Mandinaba, reported that at the cemetery everybody was saying that Buba was poisoned by dictator Jammeh. Saul Badjie was seen crying and he and dictator Jammeh has been playing a game of cat and mouse. Dictator Jammeh has tried every trick in the book to arrest Saul Badjie, but every time he plans it the word will get to Saul Badjie. The merging of the PIU into the state house, is one of dictator Jammeh’s plan to yield two things: Dictator Jammeh is very sly and cunning and Gambians should never under estimate him. He will first try to use the PIU to neutralize the Republican Guards, who are close to Saul Badjie. If that fails, he will turn around and use the Republican Guards to neutralize the PIU officers, just watch and see. Dictator Jammeh is also not happy with the PIU, he had made a comment that during the arrest of UDP militants the PIU did not follow orders by refusing to shoot the UDP supporters. Dictator Jammeh has a dirty mind and is always trying to revenge. So these PIU officers should watch out and think that being at the state house is good for them. Just watch and see, either the PIU or Republican Guards will be used to get the other, this is dictator Jammeh at his best. Fellow Gambians, according to the top DCC agent at state house, monster Jammeh has received a “flash report” that there is heavy presence of rebels in the country. The flash report was sent from NIA and this has caused dictator Jammeh to be more paranoid. When he was shown Mr. Bayo’s  Youtube video he almost collapsed. DCC is privy to a lot of sensitive information but we will keep quiet for now. Dictator Jammeh was supposed to travel to Kenya and he immediately canceled the trip when he watched Sidia Bayo’s video, the trip was canceled at the 11th hour. The ordinary Gambian will not know that there is high tension in the country. As we speak, there is heavy presence of military everywhere. They can smell something but they don’t know where it is coming from. But DCC can confidently report to you that the food that dictator Jammeh is smelling is coming within the state house. Dictator Jammeh knows, even his top marabouts told him that it’s over. This is why he is still in Banjul and not on his annual leave at Kanilai. In the past by now dictator Jammeh is in Kanilai, for the whole month of August. He knows that he cannot stay for a month in Kanilai, those days are gone. Fellow Gambians, massive defection and resignation has started within the APRC party and monster Jammeh is losing key APRC members. Long time ago DCC reported that the “burning platform effect” will start when these greedy and so call loyal monster Jammeh supporters realize that the ship is sinking and they have to jump off. Not only is the ship sinking but it is also burning and now they have no choice but to attempt to jump into the ocean. According to our DCC state house agent, dictator Jammeh is furious and paranoid that people are just tendering their resignations and he is telling them, NO WAY. Notable, both VP Isatou Njie Saidy and Fabakary Tombong Jatta, the majority leader tendered their resignation and monster Jammeh told both NO, that they have to wait until after the election before they can resign. Both the VP and the majority leader know that the end is here and want to jump off the ship. One thing DCC can tell you that both the VP and Fabary Tombong Jatta, have angered monster Jammeh and he will either touch them now or will do something to them down the road. Dictator Jammeh is so furious that he is calling the people who are resigning that they are “traitors”, he made them to who they are and now they are abandoning him. But dictator Jammeh will not allow anyone to step down, if they refuse to stay then they will be arrested. Fellow Gambians, DCC can also report that devil Zeinab has been volunteered to act in the capacity of  minister of propaganda for the upcoming election. Devil Zeinab is charged with generating and distributing election propaganda. Gambians before the election you will see a lot of petty donations from devil Zeinab, and this is all in the name of making sure that dictator Jammeh stays in power. Nowadays, she is in the news everyday donating chicken change to Gambians. Is this not an insult Gambians? She is a pretender and only cares about her pocket. Of late, she is pretending to mingle with Gambians and even wearing traditional dresses. Do not be surprise if devil Zeinab does not become a public drummer or dancer. Before the elections more of devil Zeinab will be seen, she will be everywhere. Devil Zeinab you know that it’s over. You know that even your Friday trip to America was difficult to execute, there is no money. Devil Zeinab do you want to deny that even the Islamic bank has stopped all their projects in the Gambia, DCC is privy to a lot. You and your husband are totally relying on funds from Gamtel, GPA, NAWAC, etc. Do you want DCC to tell Gambians why the Islamic bank have stopped all their projects in the Gambian including the road construction around PASSAMAS. Can you and your husband tell Gambians why that project came to an abrupt halt, DCC knows. All you guys care is about yourself, you have robbed and killed so many Gambians. You take Gambians as fools but it’s over. On a last note, Yankuba Colley DCC has been warning you for a long time, but just know that you are being closely monitored and they are just waiting for final orders to arrest you. Musa Suso DCC is also watching you, we know all your plans with dictator Jammeh, are you going to be promoted soon, time will tell? This is The Soldier, RIP ELLO JALLOW, SOLO SANDENG, MILE-2 NINE, and December 2014 Martyrs. Source : Freedomnewspaper

Dr Isatou Touray to vie for presidency

 Reliable sources have informed this paper that Dr Isatou Touray, Human Rights defender and Executive Director of The Gambia Committee on Traditional Practices Affecting Women and Girls (GAMCOTRAP), intends to vie for the top job as an independent presidential candidate in the December 2016 polls.

It will be the first time in The Gambia’s political history that a woman is vying for the top job. Her organisation, GAMCOTRAP, advocates for the eradication of harmful traditional practices such as Female Genital Mutilation and child marriage. On Thursday, 1st September 2016, UDP will also announce its flag-bearer for the December 1st presidential election. Lawyer Joseph Joof, a former justice minister under the present government, has also told this paper that he intends to run as an independent presidential candidate in the December polls.


All public servants should take assessment and evaluation result as raw material for good policy making and proper delivery of services. The media has the role of amplifying the concerns of people and institutions.

If a whole community marches to NAWEC to express their problem NAWEC will feel intimidated and will most likely ask the police to intervene. Hence the NAWEC PRO should appreciate the role of the media in going to the community and presenting to NAWEC what is essentially their concerns. This avails NAWEC the opportunity to explain their position and assure the community that their problems will be looked into. This is how the media could contribute to development.

Readers would confirm that when rubbish dumps are exposed by Foroyaa and cleared by the authorities the paper does inform the public that their problem has been remedied. The authorities who are responsible for the concerns of the people would appreciate receiving facts of those concerns from the media. They will use the media as their eyes and ears in order to know what they are doing right or wrong.

This is why section 207 subsection (3) of the Constitution states:

The press and other information media shall at all times, be free to uphold the principles, provisions and objectives of this Constitution, and the responsibility andaccountability of the Government to the people of The Gambia.”

Source : Foroyaa

UK Concerned About Death In Custody Of Another Gambian Opposition Member

  The United Kingdom’s Ambassador to The Gambia has expressed concern over the second death in custody of an opposition member in three months. Ebrima Solo Krummah, a father of nine,  died on Saturday at the Edward Francis’s Small Teaching Hospital in Banjul, according to his party, the United Democratic Party (UDP). “The United Kingdom has raised concerns over reports of excessive violence and ill treatment of those in custody in the Gambia on a number of occasions”, Ambassador Colin Crorkin said. “[W]e have also expressed our dismay over the severity of the sentencing in the case of the United Democratic Party leader and his supporters.
Ebrima Solo Krummah
Ebrima Solo Krummah
“The United Kingdom calls on the Gambian authorities to release all political prisoners and ensure that claims of mistreatment are investigated in a credible and transparent way in line with international human rights obligations. We also call on the Gambian authorities to create an inclusive environment that allows all political parties, and their supporters, the ability to participate in the electoral process without hindrance.” Krummah and fourteen other UDP members  were sentenced to three years in jail by a court in Mansakonko for protesting against bad electoral laws. 48  hours before their conviction, another high court judge in Banjul sentenced the UDP’s leader Ousainou Darboe and nineteen others to three years in jail. In April, members of the party led by Solo Sandeng organised a protest calling for changes to Gambia’s electoral system. The protest was dispersed by armed security officers who arrested dozens. Eyewitnesses said they were beaten. Few days after their arrest, the UDP reported  Sandeng had died in custody as a result of torture. source :jollofnews

How Jammeh Spells Black Power On Gambians

By Gambiano There is not a town in The Gambia Yaya Jammeh didn’t burry “Jujus” or some black magic portion in. Many Gambians already know this. He sent army officer Solo Bojang to carry it out. He later arrested him. Although Gambia has numerous votaries of scripture, the country awaits those with the wisdom to explain widespread black magic on a nation, its people, crops, rain, even fruits and trees. Black magic angers God a lot. While it works, its side effects can harden a subscriber’s heart into that of a demon or a mentally-challenged sociopath. During maniac episodes, a client of black magic can make bizarre claims (I can cure AIDS, rule Gambia for a billion years, burry people nine feet deep, etc.). Unfortunately, most Gambians do subscribe to black magic. Even to win a soccer match, go to the embassy, or search for a job, we have to consult dark forces? Part of the price we are paying is twenty-two years of inexplicable deaths and disappearances under the tutelage of a “Black Magician-in-Chief”. This does not mean Yaya Jammeh understands black magic. He only purchases it with his incumbency factor. And this is not to say all of Gambia’s problems are black magic or Jammeh-related. The Blackman has been black before Jammeh. In case you might say, “But not all Gambians practice black magic or even believe it. Why are most of them afraid and groaning under Jammeh? Only nine men in the city of Prophet Saalih hamstrung the she-camel. But Allaah destroyed the entire city: “There were in the city nine men of a family, who made mischief in the land, and would not reform.” Qur’aan 27, Suratul Naml Verse 48. You know Jammeh has been bragging that no mortal force will remove him, right? “But the wicked are not called (immediately) to account for their sins.” (Qur’aan 28,  Suratul Qasas Verse 78.) Some bought-out Jammeh loyalists may argue, “How can you prove Jammeh is wicked and this verse applies to him?” Proof: If he wasn’t directly involved in Koro Ceesay’s murder, he was given clear information of the killers. He refused to prosecute them and on the Day of Judgment, he has questions to answer—from Koro Ceesay to Chief Manneh, Ello Jallow, Solo Sandeng, Solo Nkrumah, etc. Besides, he’s still sequestering kins—kids from fathers, wives from husbands or even Imams from mosques. WHY BLACK MAGIC WORKS Satan rallies mankind around him by offering certain gifts. Remember, he’s not human. Allaah granted him certain capabilities not even prophets had. “Lead to destruction those whom thou canst among them, with thy (seductive) voice; make assaults on them with thy cavalry and thy infantry; mutually share with them wealth and children; and make promises to them.” But Satan promises them nothing but deceit.” (Quran 17, Surat Al-Isra also called Surat Bani Israel, Verse 64.) But for Satan or his junior devils to work for man, man has to do extreme evil to displease Allaah. Ever think why Jammeh defiles virgins? With the kind of money he lavishes, you think he can’t afford courtesans from India, Thailand or even Manhattan? Jammeh doesn’t need those young girls for sartorial pleasure. It’s all a prescription from his sorcerers. Sometimes Quranic verses are written backwards with virgin blood just to displease Allaah. The demons in turn will carry out the subscriber’s demands. This is why I’ve been telling Gambians never announce your moves against Jammeh on air or any site. In fact, Allaah encourages us not to say our supplications too loud, or yet in a very low tone, but to follow a middle course when asking things from Him: “Neither speak thy Prayer aloud, nor speak it in a low tone, but seek a middle course between.” (Qur’aan 17, Suratul Isra, Verse 110). Devils have a tendency not to leave man alone. By listening to what we say, they have potential to inform sorcerers. Few years ago, a certain crop disease descended on groundnuts in the Gambia. In later years when rain destroyed many homes, it also poured on dry groundnuts waiting for threshing on the November farms. Remember, farmers in The Gambia dry the groundnut on the farm for a certain time before they “beat them” to separate nuts from twigs and fodder. This usually happens when rain has finally stopped. But for that particular year, God waited till farmers accumulated groundnuts on the farm, waiting for further steps of processing, he then rained on them at the beginning of the dry season to destroy crops—too strange for even a farm boy like myself! This was the year the U.N declared Gambia at risk for severe food shortage. Last year, a certain disease descended on Gambia’s mangoes in some towns. It is either serious rain shortage, or too much rain that destroys homes and livelihood. But the biggest is sudden deaths of Gambia’s male youths. That does not mean the female is excepted. Walk into a government department and you can count sudden deaths of young staff. In GRTS alone, I counted numerous. And what did the Black Magician-in-chief say in 2009? He accused “witches.” Consequently, old women and men were rounded up all over Gambia. I helplessly looked at a New York Times photograph of the Alkalo of Jambur near Brikama, helplessly sitting with his wife in bed, accused of witch-craft by Jammeh’s witch-hunters! MUSA SAIDYKHAN, PA NDERRY MBAYE, FATOU CAMARA, ESSA BOKAR SEY, GAINAKO NEWSPAPER, JOLLOFNEWS, KIBAARO, etc., please listen to your brother—a brother who does not seek recognition or vainglory; a brother who would jettison his individual priority to confront the homeland’s tapestry; a brother who is often choked with guilt each time he raises a spoonful, while Gambians pay a fortune for a loaf of bread; a brother poking at Africa’s rise, but wants charity to begin at home; a brother obsessed with Gambia’s manufacture and guarantee of peace and stability besides 21st Century marvels; a brother who would beseech Microsoft to invent a program to let him write his homeland’s agony with his tears. MUSA SAIDYKHAN, PA NDERRY MBAYE, FATOU CAMARA, ESSA BOKAR SEY, GAINAKO NEWSPAPER, JOLLOFNEWS, KIBAARO, you can easily write to the UDP to rally behind any Gambian capable of removing Jammeh. If that soul is Halifa Sallah, Sedat Jobe, Sidia Jatta, Hamat Bah, O.J Jallow, Mama Kandeh, Waa Juwara, etc., please so be it! I started this material with special reference to black magic. Do you guys ever sit and think why the UDP and other parties never agree? You think their rally grounds are free from Jammeh’s sorcery twenty-four hours before their meetings? You think their names, pictures, or any form of identification for devils are not with Jammeh? Ever ask yourself why Jammeh brags that no mortal force can remove him from power? Even though such claims are eccentric, he brazenly hinges them on preternatural accessories. Please write to the UDP! Please do so! A curious matrix of Jammeh’s magical portion is to make the opposition as polarized as possible. For the UDP to ask Halifa to lead them is easier than Bernie Sanders joining Hillary or Ted Cruz endorsing Trump. And we complain about racism, but look at the white man! He knows how to get what he wants. God knows what devils tell certain individuals that they have a birth right to the presidency! You see, Jammeh has a pig-headed obsession with power. He thinks he has a birth right to it. Since 1996, the opposition could never synergize a whit, thus thrusting his claws deeper inside Gambia’s endothelium. Look, he even raised the registration fee of a political party to D1 million. Would a normal human do all that Jammeh has been doing? And the UDP and other parties can’t sacrifice egos and deep convictions for the nation to tarry safe? MY DEAR CHRISTIAN BROTHERS AND SISTERS Yaya Jammeh isn’t a Muslim quintessence. Please, let his actions not anger you about Islam or Muslims. You have seen veritable Muslims and lived with them for ever. It was early Christians who saved Islam and Muslims in Abyssinia when persecution and slaughter sent them into exile. Jesus’ prolonged prayer in the Garden of Gethsemane when he knew of plans to crucify him always reminds me of how Muslims pray. Please see Jammeh as the sower of weeds in Mathew 13:24—43. If you wish to tackle his charlatanry in anger and blame religion, you won’t learn from this wonderful parable of Jesus. “Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn.” (Mathew 13:24—43). Therefore, when the right time comes, you will be able to separate Jammeh from the best of Gambia’s Muslims and tomorrow charge his inveterate wont of today. THE ERGONOMICS OF A UNITED FRONT I was there on August 23rd 2001 when the 2000 Senegalese opposition coalition stirred a spill-over effect to the Gambian shores. The YMCA in Kanifing was the venue. This was the meeting attended by the then Deputy British High Commissioner to the Gambia, Bharat Joshi, who was thenceforth kicked out of the country—perhaps ushering in Jammeh’s ultra intolerance-on-steroids. The late Sheriff Dibba later explained everything! The joust was between the UDP and NCP willfully shrouding any joint communique to a hearse, and with it, went Gambia’s first chance to get rid of Jammeh through a ballot. Remember, Jammeh wasn’t as nasty then. He still bore rivulets of the milk of human kindness. I sat inside Sheriff Dibba’s house later, upon his call, and listened to measured English of a lone-rancher. Wollaahi, I never knew Sherrif was this eloquent. But alas, as Gambians, we did our Gambianess by not immensely benefitting from his mind. Sheriff argued it was PPP that hastily endorsed Ousainou Darboe to his chagrin. Perhaps this was the only meeting that had all of Gambia’s opposition parties under one roof—including Dr. Lamin Bojang (Bolonding) of Brikama. In epiphany, how I now wish Darboe and SM Dibba never fell out! That rare opportunity never presented itself again. Later, I had to listen to Ousainou Darboe too in his Pipeline home. There is not a key political figure in the Gambia I have not sat with and talked (Even Jammeh). As stupid as I’m, I think I can say a bit about each. HALIFA SALLAH In 2003, I was in rural United States—in a place very difficult to see blacks or immigrants. Like Wordsworth’s “bald top of an imminence”, was settled a Taiwanese-American upon whom I chanced. This is a part of America no one knows about Gambia or its people. This man drew closer and asked where I hailed from and I replied, “Gambia.” He continued, “Oh I know Gambia.” I was cocksure he was lying until he added, “I went to school here in America with a very intelligent Gambian. His last name was Sallah. He was extremely smart. The whole college admired and respected him. I heard we went back to Africa to be president. Gambia! Gambians! Living among people who don’t give a rat’s tail about Gambia can be hard. What if you finally meet someone who didn’t only know Gambia exists, but also met a very intelligent Gambian. The moment he said Sallah, I furnished the first name with almost tears in my eyes. Listen, Gambians. If you live in metro or mega cities, you may not understand this because people in those areas are open-minded and sometimes know about Africa. But come to where I live. Be my guest and find that there are still those that believe that the Blackman is only one-eight of a human being. But then here are people telling me about an intelligent Gambian in different places in America! Like Assan Musa Camara, Garba Jahumpa Sr., SM Dibba, are we always letting our resourceful Gambians go to their graves without making best use of them? Fast forward to 2015. In a shopping center, I was stopped by another man in grey hairs, who, seeing I was black, engaged me in a conversation in another town far away from the 2003 small town where I attended college. Again as the norm, this new man asked where in Africa I came from and upon hearing Gambia, he retorted: “I went to school here in America with a very intelligent Gambian. He was Muslim. He used to pray on campus and fast too. He was super-intelligent and everyone respected him. His name was Halefa and his last name was Sala.” Such was how he pronounced them. “Ha…leh…fa” and “Sala.” The old man also added that Halifa left for Africa and was supposed to be president. I went to my car and before starting the engine, I thought of the man I had met several times in native Gambia being celebrated by the world. Yet Gambians hold him in such low esteem while he never touts his ego. No one in America ever stopped me to praise Yaya Jammeh. But I hear cries of Gambians—cries of that child made fatherless because his father perished in Mile II; cries of that widow whose sweet nights exists no more because her late husband was picked up at 03:00am, somewhere in Serrekunda, Brikama, or Bakoteh and his body hasn’t been found since 2005; cries of that little girl who used to eat to her belly-full but now hangs around a neighbor’s lunch table because his father also disappeared since 2005. OUSAINOU DARBOE In 1996, he was perhaps at the threshold of middle age. He dedicated the rest of his life to removing Jammeh, even in the absence of strategy. He should not spend his last years serving Jammeh’s law. When he thought it politically-prudent to pick a phone and congratulate Jammeh after the 2001 APRC victory, he dared march ahead of his time to imitate what those who brought elections to The Gambia still do. I commend his courage for exhibiting such level of maturity still elusive to many in Africa’s political theater. SEDAT JOBE He heroically inscribed his level of political seasoning on Gambia’s transcript by tendering his resignation and detachment from Jammeh. I spoke to him few hours later and he beseeched that I publish not whatever he had to tell me about his resignation. Fatoumata Jahumpa Ceesay recommended he rescind his decision and apologize to Jammeh. For what? What crime? But Sedat was a chaste diplomat. His choices were bigger than Jammeh’s vista. O.J JALLOW Not interested in neither luxury, nor power, he overlooked choices of living in the United States or coveting a leadership in the UDP. He speaks to every Gambian youth like his own son, including my silly self. He is among those that can say a lot about Gambia’s politics from the first republic. At a UDP rally in Cedar Club Junction in 2001, he summarized Jammeh’s extravaganza like none ever did: “Before 1994”, he posited, Jammeh didn’t have D150 (One hundred and fifty Dalasis) in his pockets.” Can I add that today, that Jammeh is riding in a Bentley or Rolls Royce, thinking he worked so hard for it? MAMA KANDEH He said this: “I’m not going to be a president that will force labor from military personnel on my farms the harvest of which they never even see.” Gambians, just think of what happens in Gambia today. If you’re in a key government position, better work at Jammeh’s farm or risk losing your job and Mile II. Later, a top Jammeh aide told me Mama Kandeh was kicked out of the APRC because he never wanted to work at Jammeh’s farms. Please, Pa Modou Bojang and who ever bashes this man, there is a special chapter in the Qur’aan called “Al-Mumtahana” which in English means “A woman to be examined.” Allaah sent down this Surat because some women married to unbelievers in Makkah were migrating to Madinah to embrace Islam. The Prophet succumbed to agitations to send them back to Makkah. Allaah asked the muslim Ummaah to thoroughly “examine” such women. If they were true believers, please send them back not. They were not rightful spouses for the unbelievers.  So please, Pa Modou Bojang, let’s thoroughly examine Mama Kandeh. He has undertaken a political emigration. It doesn’t matter if he was once APRC. Look, almost the entire Gambia was once AFPRC. For the sake of unity, please stop attacking this man unless you are sure he is working with Jammeh. But I’ve done my own findings. Look, even the late Baba Jobe was once APRC. HAMAT BAH He is wisely funny or funnily wise—with a rare grain of humor. Two of his wives argued and one splashed water in the other’s face. Hamat came to the Observer, asking us to publish the story. If every husband does that in The Gambia, perhaps there will be few quarrels. Later, his yatch at Denton Bridge sank and he came to us again to publish it. Hamat doesn’t give a cr***! He doesn’t have an ego. SIDIA JATTA The last time I saw his picture, he was getting consumed by age. Even Halifa is. But so is every life! It is sad that all these men aren’t being used by Gambia to their fullest potentials. And under Jammeh, the contours of the country benefitting from the potentials of her sons’ brains are still under the flood. My high school teacher used to quote, “We live by dying slowly everyday; and we die slowly by living everyday.” How many bright men have we lost to time? How many to Jammeh? Koro Ceesay died abruptly. So did Ello Jallow, Deyda Hydara, etc. FINALLY Where are those Gambians with tender hearts softened by the Qur’aan? Where are those Gambians with bigger lens to see that the price of basic commodities inflating 300% means we burry our egos and party differences just to make sure Jammeh is gone and none that resembles him ever returns? Not just Halifa Sallah, there are many intelligent Gambians. MUSA SAIDYKHAN, PA NDERRY MBAYE, FATOU CAMARA, ESSA BOKAR SEY, GAINAKO NEWSPAPER, JOLLOFNEWS, KIBAARO, etc., you are all part of a history being made with control over your choices. You can either make good or bad choices. It is my humble hope that you will wisely set all irrelevant affiliations aside and write to the UDP. Once a candidate is picked, we can all contribute money for the campaign. The diaspora doesn’t need so many clubs and organizations all clamoring about Jammeh. Gambia’s politics is a Democratic Centralism or Third-World variance. It’s not a politics of selling an intelligent manifesto to a population too hungry to think, but interested in affording the next Benechin. Our homeland is bleeding! Ends Source : Kaironews

Fatoumata Tambajang Vows To Deliver On WACSOF Mandate

  Gambia’s Fatoumata Tambajang has vowed to deliver on her mandate after being elected as member of the Executive Committee of the West African Civil Society Forum (WACSOF) which just concluded its 6th Biennial Session in Abuja this month. “It is a very good development, an opportunity for us. We can all together as a team of diverse professionals make a change,” said the Executive Director of the Banjul-based  pro-democracy group Gambia Concerned for Democracy and Human Rights during an exclusive interview with this reporter. In Mid-August, more than 100 national and regional leading civil society organizations and networks representing the 15-member countries of the Economic Community of West Africa (ECOWAS) converged in Abuja, Nigeria,for the 6th biennial session of WACSOF People’s Forum, which was centred under the theme: ‘The WACSOF Revival’. The event was made possible by the support of Open Society Initiative of West Africa (OSIWA), West Africa Civil society Institute (WACSI), Commonwealth Foundation, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Foundation, Oxfam Ibis, GIZ and ECOWAS Commission. As an emblematic figure of the country's civil society movement, Mrs Tambajang has been instrumental in pushing for opposition parties to overcome their differences and form a coalition ahead of December polls. Since the political crisis erupted in April this year, she is still on the frontline fighting for democracy and rule of law to prevail in The Gambia. To many observers, Mrs Tambajang brought new blood to Gambian civil society which was anesthetized by President Jammeh's 20-year rule marred with gross violations of human rights. A WACSOF news dispatch obtained by this reporter highlights the need for the organisation to reach a consensus amid huge challenges. “There was consensus among all participants that the first step for the revival and strengthening of the organization could not happen without a legitimate holding of this forum which provided the opportunity for civil society organizations in attendance to voice their minds in relation to WACSOF’s challenges and proffer new avenues for the way forward,” reads the document. A declaration adopted at the end of the Forum invites the regional bloc “to effectively mainstream through WACSOF civil society interventions into the ECOWAS Vision 2020, particularly the ECOWAS Community Strategy Framework (CSF 2016-2020)”, among other points. Other members of the Executive include: President: Honorable Khady Fall Tall (Senegal);  1st Vice President: Margaret Udoh (Nigeria); 2nd Vice President: Dionisio Pereira (Cape Verde); Youth Representative: Abouzeidi Sanousi Abdoul Aziz (Niger); Member: Dansa Kourouma (Guinea Conakry); Member: Ngolo T. Katta (Sierra Leone);  Member: Paula Melo (Guinea Bissau);  Member: Korotoumou Traoré (Mali);  Member: Yameogo Urbain (Burkina Faso);  Member: Sulemana Braimah (Ghana). Over these past years, WACSOF has been instrumental in bringing together civil society organizations in order to promote and entrench democracy within the West African subregion.  Despite huge challenges, participants were able to devote themselves to their noble mission. Expectations are high about the ability of WACSOF to bring new synergy into grassroots organisations operating in the tiny West African nation... Written by Abdoulie JOHN

Gambia: Breaking News: Army Intelligence Officer Lt. Buba Jammeh Dies After Having An Encounter With The NIA!

  Lieutenant Buba Jammeh of the State House military intelligence died today, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. Mr. Jammeh, was on sick leave at the time of his demise. He has been out of work for months now. He was reported to have been suffering from mental health issues. BUBA JAMMEH 2 Lieutenant Buba Jammeh, was the second in command at the State House military intelligence unit. He had an altercation with some Fulani herdsmen, who were accused of stealing dictator Jammeh’s cattle. It was reported that Buba Jammeh was assigned to oversee the processing of the detained herdsmen. The herdsmen were reported to have been tortured by Mr. Jammeh and his colleagues. Weeks after his encounter with the detainees, Buba Jammeh started developing mental illnesses. He cried at night and occasionally becomes too violent. A Freedom Radio Gambia listeners in a text message to this paper said: “Do you know anything about Lt. Buba Jammeh? He passed away today. He was my schoolmate. I know that he used to work at the State Guard some years ago.” Earlier yesterday, this medium was informed about an encounter the NIA had with Lt. Buba Jammeh. It is not clear if Mr. Jammeh was arrested, but sources said Buba was seen under the company of some NIA operatives. Source : freedomnewspaper

Gambia: Weekend Bombshell Drops At The State House: NAWEC Waters Infested By Jammeh’s Spiritual Water Ahead Of Polls!

  Gambia’s autocratic and deranged dictator Yahya Jammeh has resorted to hypnotizing his countrymen and women, through spiritual means ahead of the country’s December,1st, 2016, Presidential elections, the Freedom Newspaper can reveal. A Grand marabout, is being hosted at the State House to purposely aid and abet the Kanilai monster, in his latest quest to infect the nation’s bow holes (well waters) both private and public entities with concoction spiritual water. The goal is to hypnotize his opponents; perceived enemies—both real and fake to subdue to him now towards the elections. Jammeh also believes that by secretly mixing his spiritual water with the local water which Gambians use on a daily basis for shower, drinking and cooking, he would be able to make them to vote for him come December.   The following army officers have been tasked with overseeing Jammeh’s secret hypnotization of Gambians through spiritual means. The officers mentioned herein are going around dropping Jammeh’s spiral water, known as “Jujus” at the main NAWEC Serrekunda, and Jambanjelly pumps.  Another private water company pump situated in Kanifing, not far from the Daily Observer offices, was also among the pumps infested with Jammeh’s spiritual water. The company sells water bottles to Gambians and non-Gambians.
  1. Amadou Bojang
  2. Landing Tamba
  3. Major Bulli Tamba
Captain Landing Tamba, of the State House, is the main man overseeing Jammeh’s errands. He replaces Solo Bojang. In fact, Landing is the one coordinating the activities of the Jammeh marabout currently hosted at the State House. The marabout is hosted right next to one of the sentry men at the State House back gate. The back gate is situated next to the School of Nursing in Banjul. The moment you passes the Sentry man, on the left hand side; there is a big room, which used to be called the (glasshouse). The marabout is staying at the former glasshouse. One of our sources even met the marabout few days ago and had a chat with him. The marabout has been paid millions to help Jammeh win the elections. He is very instrumental in the ongoing Jammeh efforts to hypnotize Gambians spiritually. Once you drink that spiritual water, you will begin to love and embrace dictator Jammeh. Some top army officers and close Jammeh aides, who used to hate everything about Jammeh, have since switched heart. They have been rendered as Jammeh apologists since consuming that spiritual water. Gambians be forewarned! Jammeh is up to no good! He wants to have you on his side through spiritual means. Mama Kandeh and his followers, should be extra careful. There are state agents pretending to be GDC supporters in your rallies, when they are not. They even carry Jammeh’s spiritual water bottles, which they in turn share with thirsty GDC supporters. GDC supporters should refuse to accept water from strangers. At the Bakau, and Sukuta meetings, the Jammeh agents shared the spiritual water with some of the GDC supporters. Jammeh is desperately courting Mama’s supporters. According to a top State House insider, Yahya Jammeh has started printing GDC t shirts in large numbers. State agents normally dressed in GDC t shirts to mingle with the crowd. Do not trust APRC defectors into the GDC or any opposition party. The same defectors are being used by Jammeh to circulate his evil spiritual water to the opposition. This information is coming from unimpeachable sources close to the Kanilai monster. Mama Kandeh is being protected by seasoned former security agents. I am sure his security team is aware of Jammeh’s attempts to infiltrate and subsequently conquer the newest political party. Mama Kandeh be forewarned! In another development, dictator Yahya Jammeh, has rewarded Captain Amadou Bojang of the Operation Bulldozer, for snitching on his colleagues. Amadou, has been promoted from the rank of a Captain to Lieutenant Colonel. His promotion comes into effect this past Friday. Amadou Bojang, has been tasked by Jammeh to oversee the investigations of the recent spate of arson attacks directed at the ruling APRC Bureau in Kanifing, and some gas stations associated with the Kanilai monster. Amadou, has gotten a good number of his colleagues arrested, following the arson attacks. Amadou and his men would sneak into army barracks to engage soldiers into conversation. During such conversations Amadou Bojang will secretly record the soldiers. This is how he gets his colleagues arrested. Mr. Bojang visited Yundum, Fajara, and his last port of call was the State Guard, where he secretly recorded soldiers. Jammeh has rewarded him in return by promoting him to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Amadou Bojang used to work at the Farafenni Army barracks. He was later moved to the training school, and subsequently to Yundum. He was again redeployed to the training school; then to the military police. When Jammeh came up with the Operation Bulldozer agenda, Amadou Bojang, was deployed to the unit from the military police. He reports directly to Yahya Jammeh. There is no barrier between him and Yahya Jammeh; not even General Saul Badjie. Amadou’s unit falls under the security agencies being micromanaged by dictator Jammeh. Written By Pa Nderry M’Bai